Changes Affecting Scan to Email Functionality

Changes are coming that could cause your multi-function printer (MFP) to lose the ability to scan-to-email

Starting on May 30, 2022, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign into your Google Account using only your username and password. This includes the “Less Secure Apps” functionality. If an app or site doesn’t meet Google security standards, they might block anyone who is trying to sign into your account from it. Less secure apps can make it easier for hackers to get into your account, so blocking sign-ins from these apps helps keep your account safe. You can read Google’s full announcement here.

Microsoft also announced that effective October 1, 2022, they will permanently disable Basic Auth for all tenants, regardless of usage, with the exception of SMTP Auth. Basic Authentication is an outdated industry standard that can put your data at risk. Read more from Microsoft here.

How does this impact your MFP?

If you are currently leveraging Google’s “Less Secure Apps” feature, or Microsoft’s “Basic Authentication” feature, the scan-to-email function on your copier could stop working on the dates mentioned above. Moving forward, DTS recommends that only enterprise email accounts are used in client environments, and will no longer support free email (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, etc). For information on how to continue using scan-to-email functionality, please see below:

What you can do

Your IT professional can follow best practices to help prevent possible disruptions to your scan-to-email functionality. DTS support staff is also available to help configure your MFP using a client-provided business email account. This support is included in your Managed IT Services plan from DTS, or you may incur time and material charges depending on your copier service agreement.

As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, so do security standards and protocols. DTS is your local expert in managed IT and security. Please call 952-516-7900 or visit to learn more!