The chances are your organization has bottlenecks when it comes to managing paper documents. Perhaps you’ve realized that some of the tedious manual processes in your office are impacting productivity. Are you looking for improved efficiency and reduced waste in key business areas such as finance, accounting, sales or human resources? If so, it may be time to learn more about Document Management.

Document Management helps your organization:

  • Easily process documents and store in a central digital repository

  • Set smart rules to control who has access to certain documents

  • Scan and index documents automatically for easy tracking and retrieval

  • Share any documents safely across multiple systems

  • Collectively work on documents while avoiding multiple versions

  • Integrate with other systems to automate processes and reduce inefficiencies

What is Document Management?

Document Management helps you process, capture, store, manage and track documents in a central digital repository. You can then access your files securely from anywhere – including a computer or mobile device. Many Document Management solutions allow you to further automate business processes with workflow rules and integrations with your CRM and ERP systems. Today’s document management solutions offer flexible, scalable and more affordable options. Cloud deployment is rapid and requires minimal maintenance while on-premise can offer greater control and customization.

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Features and Benefits

We are partnered with the industry leaders of document management software, including DocuWare. We’ll support you along the way to make implementing a solution easy and seamless. Don’t wait to enjoy all the revolutionary, efficiency-boosting benefits.

It’s amazing how many organizations still rely on paper for information management. The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Do you still “organize” your documents in the same old way using desk drawers, filing cabinets and corrugated boxes? Eliminate paper filing and store documents as you scan, print, save or email them.
You can control who can view, modify and share documents to ensure critical business information is secure. In addition, if natural disaster strikes and your documents were stored in file cabinets or on a hard drive, you risk major data loss. With a document management solution, your information is securely stored in the cloud or backup so you can return to the task at hand.
Quick and easy integration – Integrate virtually any application into your document management solution. Our document management solutions work closely with the programs you use daily, including your accounting, inventory-management, ERP or even your email program.
Employees print out electronic documents to store in folders and metal file cabinets, but not everyone uses the same filing system or even knows where certain files are located. With document management, your company can streamline virtually every process, so everyone has access to the data they need – when they need it.