Ensuring that you have the right office technology can help you optimize productivity, increase security, streamline operations and ultimately minimize costs. DTS is partnered with industry powerhouses like Sharp and HP to provide you with the best technology in today’s market. In addition, we always strive to deliver a superior level of client satisfaction. Let us help you find the best combination of industry-leading hardware and software solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Multifunction Copiers

  • Laser Printers

  • High-Volume & Light Production

  • Wide Format

  • Low-Cost Color Options

  • Scanner Solutions

  • Interactive Displays

  • Document Management

  • Print, Track & Control

  • Enhanced Image Scanning

  • Internet Fax Servers

  • Unified Voice/VoIP Phones

Why Choose Us?

When selecting a technology provider there are many variables to consider. So why choose DTS over one of our competitors? The answer is simple – we respond to your needs better and faster. It’s our mission to provide you with leading technology solutions and support to optimize productivity, increase security, streamline operations and ultimately minimize costs.

  • Client-focused and committed to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled support
  • Customized solutions to meet your unique challenges and grow with you into the future
  • Dynamic team members who take pride in producing high-quality results
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Secure Your Technology

Failure to take steps to protect information assets has serious consequences and risks – exposing an organization to liability claims, financial loss and criminal penalties. Whether it’s personal or financial information, health records, government information or sensitive corporate data, it’s critical to deploy solutions that minimize the risk of targeted or opportunistic threats.

As MFPs and printers become part of your organization’s integrated document workflows and business processes, security becomes a serious concern. Securely managing business and user data is critical for corporations to be successful. DTS addresses these concerns by offering a suite of integrated security features designed to help protect your information and document assets.

  • Data Security

  • Document Security

  • Authentication

  • Secure Printing