Exploring the Broad Range of IT Services

The spectrum of IT services is vast and covers such areas as managing networks and keeping data safe against cyber threats. This article takes a look at some of the outstanding IT services and what makes them desirable.

IT Service Types

Before unpacking them any further, let’s see what falls under IT services in the first place.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services offer a team of tech experts at your beck and call, ready to dismantle any tech troubles that come your way. These services are an invisible shield around your business’s technology infrastructure. They keep everything, like email systems or databases, running without interruptions or delays. Even individual users dislike disruptions due to technical problems, but for businesses, these disruptions could be disastrous.

Therefore, managed IT service providers are always on the lookout for potential threats and can act to protect your company’s infrastructure from possible breaches or consequences of unoptimized or outdated software. Since these services are remote, instead of having an in-house team, you get all this technical expertise and protection minus the need to offer them office space or coffee breaks.

Cloud Services

The cloud is an endless storage space far away from the spatial confines of your office. There, you can store all business information and pull down whatever you need with a few clicks. Cloud IT services make this a reality.

Any team member could be working from the office, at home, or while sitting in a café halfway across the world. Wherever they are, they can work on the same documents simultaneously and without the risk of losing any work. You never have to worry about losing important data to a spilled coffee or a misplaced laptop again.


Cyber threats seem to lurk around every corner. Cybersecurity services protect a company’s IT infrastructure from bad digital actors like data thieves, hackers, ransomware, and any other lurking danger. With new threats emerging every day, a robust cybersecurity strategy is more critical than ever. These services monitor your systems 24/7, hunt for vulnerabilities, and fend off attacks.

Businesses are targets of these attacks even more frequently than individuals, particularly since many individual users entrust their data to commercial websites and databases. Therefore, protecting your company’s IT systems naturally also means protecting everyone else who uses their services.

Software Development

Sometimes, off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it when trying to cover all the tasks that your IT system must perform. Developing custom software also falls under IT services. Custom software can solve specific problems that generic solutions can’t touch, not to mention it can make work easier and faster. For instance, customized solutions could be a highly specialized customer management system, an analytics tool, or an app that your customers will gladly use on a regular basis.

Why Businesses Need IT Services

IT services cover many aspects of informational technology for companies. But why would you outsource your IT systems to an outside IT service provider rather than having an in-house team?

Efficiency and Productivity

With outsourced IT services, your team could get rid of the boring and time-consuming tasks that take up their day. Automation through IT services lets in-house employees supercharge productivity and focus on being creative and working on interesting tasks. They don’t need to waste hours sorting emails or dealing with customer inquiries manually. Instead of working harder, they can work smarter and get twice the results in the same amount of time.


As your imagination and productivity grow, so do your creations. This applies to many aspects of life from the very beginning. When playing with building blocks as a child, working on a school project, creating a hobby project, or starting a business, the same principle applies. Scalable IT services make this more doable for a business. They grow with your company and make it possible for the IT infrastructure to handle whatever path the business takes.

Scalability means that you can expand the team, enter new markets, launch new products, or expand the hardware infrastructure, and the IT services will adapt. This means you can dream big without worrying about IT limitations holding you back.


Online dangers seem to be more common than coffee spills and water cooler talks at an office. A solid security strategy is your business’s best defense. This defense is complete with protection and quick-response teams to tackle attacks of any type.

Cybersecurity services keep watch over digital systems 24/7 and catch threats promptly. While there’s always the possibility for a completely surprise attack, this is usually before the threats can harm your business or customers. Being so proactive means you can focus on running your business without worrying about data breaches or losing the trust of clients who had their data stolen.

Who Are the People Behind IT Services

Behind IT services stand specialists with a diverse range of technical skills. These teams consist of problem-solvers, quick responders, and adaptable individuals who learn as they work. An outsourced IT service provider is functionally the same as having an in-house team but without having to support one.

For this reason, before settling for one of these service providers, learn about their culture and the human element. Don’t settle simply for the most affordable service. Read reviews about other users’ experiences with the IT service provider’s team. Communicate and express what you’re looking for and the best way to meet that expectation.

Connecting the Dots With DTS

It should be clear to see that finding the best partner can make all the difference. DTS is one of these right partners. With a focus on top-notch IT services, DTS is your ally in harnessing the power of technology. If your company is in Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul, DTS is there to help and support. DTS covers every IT service a small business or a growing company could ask for and more.

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