preventivemaintenance - What Is Preventive Maintenance?

What Is Preventive Maintenance and Why Is It Important for My Office Printers?

If you are looking to extend the usage of your office printers, preventative maintenance is the key to achieving this goal. Preventative maintenance entails maintenance checks, inspections, and thorough cleaning of your printers. With preventive maintenance, your printers will be able to run at their full potential for a long lifespan. Take a look at the following measures that should be implemented immediately to extend the life of your printers.

Thorough cleaning. Keeping your printers clean is the first step to a good preventative maintenance plan. Clean the paper path regularly with a clean cloth and a small vacuum. Be sure to clean the rollers as well, as rollers often build up with dirt and other substances. A thorough cleaning of your rollers will also significantly reduce paper jams.

Take care of filters and fans. Overheating can become a major issue for certain printers—particularly color printers. In fact, overheating can be costly if damage spreads to your logic board. If airflow is obstructed, your printer will exceed its functional temperature range, oftentimes creating major problems. Avoid clogged filters and fans by regularly cleaning or replacing them. You can also blow them out with a proper blowing tool.

Replace parts as needed. Making the choice to replace a piece of equipment or its parts is a decision that should not be taken lightly. With that said, if cleaning does not solve issues related to your printer, it may be time to replace parts. For example, if your rollers become shiny with a specific “glaze” to them, cleaning them likely won’t solve any of your problems. It would be best to talk to a technician about affordable solutions, most likely replacing the rollers.

Utilizing a DTS preventative maintenance plan

A quality preventative maintenance plan requires the support of a print professional’s guidance. DTS can provide your business with fast, flexible service and support to keep your printers up and running. Here are a few advantages of using a DTS preventative maintenance plan:

  • DTS follows the manufacturer’s suggested replacement schedule on all consumable parts.
  • Average response times exceed industry benchmarks. We understand the value of your time, and for that reason, we strive to help your business with its printing needs as quickly as possible. DTS provides certified technicians to work on all systems. When you call for service, a live, local dispatcher will assist you right away.
  • Any improvements made available by the manufacturer will be installed at no additional cost.
  • The print management program includes on-site service Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You’ll also receive parts, labor, travel time, toner, and more under this program.

To get your Minneapolis business started with its preventative maintenance plan today, contact the print professionals at DTS.