Questions to Ask When Implementing a DMS - Questions for Implementing a Document Management System

Questions for Implementing a Document Management System

If integrating an effective document management system isn’t a priority for your business, then you may want to reconsider. Document management systems electronically organize your company’s digital and hard copy documents. They act as a virtual filing cabinet where digital copies can be stored and paper copies uploaded. Before you choose a document management system, you need to ask the following key questions:

How will a Document Management System Replace a Paper Filing System?

The right type of document management system will assist with digitizing all paper files. The system should work in a logical way and create folders and sub-folders for improved organization. Although files may be exported into a document management system, the best type will include an archive option. With archiving, folders not frequently used can be saved to the system but placed within the system’s archive. Another key feature for a document management system is keyword search. Ideally, the system will have the capacity to search uploaded paper documents for keywords. Business News Daily recommends also choosing a document management system that allows edits to be tracked and the recovery of old file versions.

What Types of Storage Options Are Available for the Document Management System?

A vendor can assess the size of your business and recommend a storage plan that works best for your document needs. Cloud storage has become increasingly popular with businesses since this allows for higher storage capacities. Another question to consider is how the system stores each file. Are the files converted to different formats? Or are they saved in native format? Additionally, a backup storage system is a critical component of document management systems. You need to know how files can be assessed in case of issues such as power failure and system fails.

What Type of User Experience Does the Document Management System Provide?

The goal of implementing a document management system is to offer a positive user experience. Files should be easy to save and simple to access through keyword searches. The dashboard should have high readability and allow users to find what they need in seconds. Accessibility will affect user experience too. Document management systems can have mobile access. Although managers want to provide positive user experience, they also should have security features in place. User controls allow the administrator to set permissions and put password protection on sensitive documents.

The right document management system will make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Interested in document management systems, but unsure of where to start? Contact Definitive Technology Solutions today to learn more.