Unlocking Business Success: The Hidden Advantages of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are at the core of modern business. Since 2008, global IT expenditure has grown from about $800 billion to over $1.4 trillion, and that trend isn’t likely to slow down. This makes it necessary for business owners to understand what managed IT services are and which benefits they can gain from these comprehensive IT solutions. This article will take you through the details of managed IT services and explain the exceptional gains from employing them.

What Are Managed IT Services?

When it comes to managed IT services, the name reveals much of the term’s meaning. While IT services are relatively understandable on their own, the “managed” part might not be as clear. Let’s break down the meaning behind the term.

Firstly, a managed IT service includes outsourcing to some extent. What’s being outsourced is the IT infrastructure, such as cybersecurity and data backup. When it comes to the “who” of the matter, IT tasks are outsourced to remote-operating vendors called managed service providers or MSPs.

The MSP takes responsibility for maintaining the client’s IT systems. In exchange, the vendor receives monthly payments. The IT maintenance is provided constantly with the MSP managing various aspects of the client’s digital systems.

Today, managed IT services are in high demand, with businesses worldwide vying to find the best MSPs possible. This demand is driven by several factors, like the pressure to adopt the latest IT trends, an increased need for compliance, cybersecurity, and insufficient in-house team expertise.

When a business starts collaborating with a managed IT service vendor, both sides agree on a service-level agreement (SLA). This agreement denotes the precise nature of the vendor’s offer and what a successful delivery means on the MSP’s part. The SLA also accounts for other tasks and activities like a help desk, data recovery, technical assistance, and even unpredictable events like power outages.

Reviewing the Benefits

There’s no shortage of benefits that a managed IT service can provide to a business, especially if it’s a small company. The first benefit is a holistic solution for practically all IT needs, from data security to IT monitoring. The advantage here is having all services under the same roof, which means the solutions are provided quickly and seamlessly.

The centralized nature of the service also ensures greater stability and boosts overall security. Most MSPs follow strict standards that apply worldwide, making their security systems formidable against all threats.

MSPs are usually capable of providing 24/7 service, which is a massive difference from in-house IT teams. This means system failures can be quickly addressed whenever they happen. Furthermore, with the MSP constantly vigilant, the chances of even getting your system down will be much smaller.

Of course, working around the clock isn’t the only quality of managed IT services. The experts providing the service know IT technologies inside and out, which means they can manage any additional tasks in their field. In contrast to in-house teams, which can be limited in their capabilities, these tried professionals will seamlessly keep up with the latest developments, providing you with the best possible service.

While your MSP is keeping the IT situation under control, your in-house team will be free to focus on furthering your business operations. In other words, your employees will be able to do what they’re supposed to rather than spending their work hours on IT maintenance.

In terms of costs, managed IT services alleviate the issue of unpredictable, irregular costs for your IT department. Rather than facing occasional increased expenses, your business will have a stable monthly expense that won’t burden your budget. Plus, the costs won’t be exceptionally high, especially compared to what your business would spend without a dedicated service.

Also, a managed IT service is scalable, which means you can change the scope of the service to fit your company best. For instance, you could opt to scale up in high-demand periods and scale back down during the quieter business months. This will give you the flexibility to have the key IT needs covered without straining your budget.

Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services come with plenty of pros but may also have some downsides. While the pros outweigh the cons, it’s worth mentioning both sides to reach a better understanding of the subject.

When it comes to pros, saving time, money, and other resources certainly comes first. With a dedicated, comprehensive IT service, all of the essential tasks will be taken care of in due time. This will come at no cost to your in-house work hours. While it may seem that your budget will be burdened additionally with the monthly costs of the MSP, the increased efficiency and timely resolution of IT issues will actually save you long-term costs.

Your business will gain access to the latest technologies through the managed service, which counts as a double pro. First, you won’t need to make hefty investments in systems that aren’t at the core of your business. Second, cutting-edge solutions will make your processes more reliable.

Finally, your in-house IT team will have much more freedom to pursue business-related goals. This means they’ll become more productive and efficient.

On the cons side, the biggest complaint business owners have regarding managed IT services is the perceived lack of control. After all, the critical systems of your business are entrusted to a third-party company. However, it’s worth noting that quality MSPs are just as reliable as in-house teams, if not more. After all, it’s in the vendor’s best interest to provide spotless service to their clients.

Improve Your Business With Managed IT Services

Getting managed IT services for your business comes with numerous benefits. You can streamline important tasks and offload IT duties from your team, making your complete operations more straightforward.

If you’re looking for a local managed IT solution for your Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul company, feel free to contact DTS and find out what a professional managed IT service vendor can do for your business.