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How a MFP can increase office productivity

Copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines are the cornerstones of the office environment and a necessity for making most office tasks happen. But having dozens of separate machines for handling a myriad of tasks is not just time-consuming for your employees, but also costly for your bottom line. This is where a multifunction printer for your Minneapolis business comes into play. Here’s how an MFP can increase office productivity.

All-In-One Machine

The multifunction printer acts as a one-stop shop for your organization’s document handling needs by combining printing, scanning, faxing and copying functions into one simple-to-use machine. This saves your employees the trouble of rushing back and forth between several separate machines and it eliminates separate machines that are seldom used, such as the fax machine.

Not only do MFPs boost office productivity by streamlining an employee’s workflow, but it also lowers maintenance and upkeep costs by eliminating redundant office equipment. The latest in multifunction office equipment offers advanced features, including USB and smartphone connectivity, to further streamline office workflow and promote enhanced efficiency.

Fewer Consumables

Common office consumables such as ink, paper, and printer cartridges can take a toll on your budget, not to mention the impact that discarding these used items can have on the environment. A high-quality MFP is designed to efficiently use the resources at its disposal, resulting in less money spent on printing supplies and other consumables. Using an MFP also promotes a significantly reduced carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly solution for your printing, copying and scanning needs.

More Office Space

Last but not least, a multifunction printer also promotes the efficient use of office space. After all, these machines are designed to use as little space as possible without losing any functionality. Streamlining your office equipment into a single machine not only reduces physical clutter, but it also promotes a cleaner office appearance that can actually boost morale among employees.

MFPs are the way to go for consolidating your office equipment while increasing employee productivity. To learn more about how a multifunction printer in Minneapolis can help your business move forward, contact Definitive Technology Solutions today!