Improve Workflow with an MFP - Can You Improve Workflow with a Multifunction Printer?

Can You Improve Workflow with a Multifunction Printer?

Business owners continuously look for ways to make their operations more efficient. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of changes that can significantly speed up productivity and decrease overhead expenses. One such example is a multifunction printer (MFP) — a device that does so much more than printing.

An MFP takes the hassle out of working with multiple devices, like scanners, printers, fax machines, and copiers. This 4-in-1 piece of equipment serves as a single device that performs a range of functions, including scanning, printing, faxing, and copying. Imagine all the space you can save in the office by using an MFP. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of an MFP and how you can use one to improve workflow.

Stay Organized

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized office. When you’ve got multiple machines set up everywhere, it makes it difficult to work efficiently. An MFP takes the headache out of finding spots for numerous devices. You save room and space with an MFP, which enhances your ability to stay organized. Less clutter equals more productivity, and more productivity equals higher levels of revenue.

Additionally, the installation of an MFP is quick and easy. Your employees don’t have to sit around waiting on the installation of multiple devices. As soon as the MFP is installed, your employees can scan, fax, copy, and print as much as they need to. And there’s no mess of cables running everywhere like there are when you have four different devices connected.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

Buying multiple devices will get expensive. Many businesses hate spending money on fax machines when they rarely use them. An MFP helps reduce overhead expenses by giving you the ability to fax without having to buy an actual fax machine. The same goes for a copier and scanner. An MFP further reduces operational expenses by minimizing ongoing maintenance costs. It’s much more comfortable and less expensive to maintain a single device than four separate ones.

Streamline Inventory

With an MFP, your office inventory manager only has to speak with one vendor to get supplies or schedule maintenance sessions. This dramatically streamlines the inventory process and improves workflow. Furthermore, when you itemize your company’s assets in your accounting software, you can list the MFP instead of listing four separate depreciating machines that have little value.

Are you ready to improve workflow, decrease overhead, and boost productivity? It starts with making sure your office has the right equipment. Contact Definitive Technology Solutions today to learn more about the benefits of using a multifunction printer.