Top 6 Advantages of Managed Print Services

Not enough businesses leverage managed print to their advantage. Despite the novel idea of going truly paperless, print remains an essential component of many industries. Naturally, some companies elect to conduct their printing in-house instead of running to the nearest print shop a few times a day.

But not everyone has the means to manage printing equipment correctly and efficiently. While managed print can be viewed as an added expense, it also offers significant advantages.

What Is Managed Print?

The best way to understand the concept of managed print is to think of it as a systematic approach to office equipment optimization for the following.

  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Networks

Service providers can help manage individual devices or fleets and assist companies in boosting their workflow and productivity.

The Advantages

Working with a managed print service provider has a few key benefits. While some are obvious, others aren’t.

Top Advantage No. 1 – Performance Analysis

Managed print service providers keep track of everything you print. But that isn’t just a way of managing your account. Businesses need to review their habits and protocols to understand how to perform better.

That’s why service providers are often invaluable. Managed print service providers can conduct performance analyses for their clients. Think of it as a report on all printing operations, from materials used to frequency to everything else. The information can help businesses identify which practices yield the best results and optimize printing operations.

Top Advantage No. 2 – Device Installation

Installing new copiers, printers, and other office equipment requires expertise. A professional service is almost always mandatory.

Proper installation prevents voiding the warranty. It ensures the machines work as they should, and business operations don’t suffer or lag behind. Managed print services can take care of hardware and software implementation so businesses don’t have to worry about hiring in-house experts.

Top Advantage No. 3 – Upgrades and Updates

Having the best equipment is meaningless if no one can maintain it. Some office equipment may need replacing when it can’t perform at the highest standards. Sometimes, upgrades are necessary to prevent document queue errors, fix device incompatibilities, etc.

Managed print service providers can offer on-site and remote monitoring and interventions. And in the best-case scenario, companies don’t have to reach out to get help. Device monitoring ensures that the support team can operate proactively and manage the devices to keep the business running smoothly.

Firmware and software updates occur on time, without delays, and prevent unfortunate workflow and productivity issues.

Top Advantage No. 4 – Network Security

Copiers, printers, workstations, phones, and other office equipment can communicate over the internet. It’s a necessary functionality for hybrid workplaces, remote workers, and any company that values efficiency and seamless collaboration.

But any device that connects to the internet, be it a laptop, thermostat, or multifunction printer, is at risk. Cybersecurity threats can cripple companies by stealing or compromising confidential documents.

Remember that many printers and copiers today have temporary storage. They can hold copies of documents or connect to cloud storage platforms. But the networks they’re on don’t always have adequate security measures.

A good full-service managed print provider will go above and beyond to help their clients. Finding network security services integrated with managed print is common. Service providers often ensure that their clients know how to use their new office equipment properly.

They may monitor network traffic and install security software to prevent malware infections, hacking, communication intercepts, and other common issues. That way, businesses can go about their daily operations and printing tasks safely and not worry about potential security breaches.

Top Advantage No. 5 – Restocking Efficiency

Office equipment doesn’t run on air. Printing is a resource-intensive operation, even when optimizing the process through a managed print specialist. That doesn’t mean companies must spend fortunes to keep up with their printing needs.

Paper, ink, and other supplies can be acquired at good prices by a managed print service provider. Businesses don’t have to stock up on inventory or make substantial upfront investments. Working with managed print experts offers many advantages when it comes to restocking.

For one, service providers have many vendor partners. Some may even have their own supply distribution chain. Secondly, managed print is all about efficiency. Your company’s resource usage can be actively monitored, assessed, and optimized to get the most use out of your supplies.

Service providers can schedule and even anticipate your supply restocking needs. You’re far less likely to end up with no supplies and stacks of documents waiting to get copied. It’s also possible to have a specialist perform or assist in the restocking process if no one in the office knows how to refill complex office equipment like multifunction printers.

Top Advantage No. 6 – Device Repairs

Dealing with manufacturers regarding copier or printer repairs can be an arduous process. It can take time you can’t afford to spend going without the ability to print or copy documents. Imagine not being able to use your office equipment when preparing for an audit or worse, during one.

Managed print services offer timely on-site inspections and repairs. Likewise, your company may be able to use a complimentary print-on-demand service while a specialist repairs the equipment.

Managed service providers employ professionals specializing in a wide range of office equipment. You’ll get experts familiar with all the top brands and niche products so every intervention can go as smoothly as possible.

Managed Print – A Concierge Service Your Office Equipment Needs

It doesn’t take much to cause severe workflow issues when something isn’t right in the printing process. From a missing software update to not having enough paper to a network hack, the tiniest paper jam can cause lost revenue. Businesses can prevent minor issues from spiraling out of control by using managed print.

A managed print service provider can greatly impact productivity, workflow, efficiency, budget, and quality of life. Your company can benefit from that too.

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