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The Importance of Offsite Backup

While many companies deal with a physical product that is difficult to recreate, there is one part of the picture that is similar across industries. Data and the need to keep it safe and accessible. Some companies attempt to accomplish this by storing data “in the cloud” or in a physical file cabinet in addition to keeping it on their individual computers or servers. Data might be intellectual property about the development of a company’s product, or it may be sensitive billing or other personal information about customers or clients. But the bottom line is, if this data only exists in a single location, it is not safe, and neither is your business or its patrons. That’s what makes Minneapolis offsite backup so crucial.

Why Offsite Backup Matters in Minneapolis

No matter how good security is at your business, we live in a world where bad things happen. There could be an electrical fire, a malicious hacker, a disgruntled employer, or even a brilliant and bored teenager. At one time it was only possible to back things up in a physical file, disc, or drive, but it is essential to remember that these can deteriorate over time. Using a mix of auxiliary storage and cloud storage can assure that data can be recovered and refreshed as needed to keep the business and its customers safe from potential breaches or destruction.

What to Look For in a Backup Location

  • A physically secure location that is locked and tended to by security guards
  • A place reasonably distant from the primary area, at the minimum, it should be across town, but being out of state or in a different country can be even safer.
  • A location that is reasonably safe from a natural disaster. Natural disasters are occurring all over the world, but Minneapolis has been fortunate to remain safe from weather-related tragedies, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or fires. To be sure certain sites are staying safe, they should be periodically reviewed for safety.
  • Accessible to those who need it. Offsite backup data can’t be placed in an alternate location and forgotten. It is essential to stop and check the offsite location periodically to make sure data remains accessible before you need it.

If the data at your business is not being backed up offsite, you and your customers/clients are vulnerable. To learn about possible solutions and Minneapolis offsite backup options contact Definitive Technology Solutions today.