Is it time for your business to upgrade to a wide format printer?

These machines can increase your capabilities many times over, and by bringing your marketing materials, sign, and banner printing in-house, they can also increase your creative options. Whether an aqueous, solvent, or UV format printer is right for you, once you have this time-saving technology available in your office, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one. Having to work with the time constraints and delivery schedules of outside vendors will be a thing of the past. Moreover, your team will enjoy greater design control and will have a total say over creative output. Forget about sending out your print jobs or trying to muddle through with your multifunction printer. Once your team utilizes a wide format printer, there’s no going back. Now is a perfect time to learn more about these time savers and decide if one of them is right for your team’s graphic and signage printing needs.

What are Wide Format Printers?

Wide format printers are an effective way to create all types of signage. They can print items from 18″ to 100″ and everything in between. If you typically outsource your printed marketing materials and signage, your company will likely benefit from taking a look at today’s wide format printers.

There are three main types of wide format printers: aqueous, solvent, and UV. Depending on your printing needs, one type may be a better fit than the others.

  • Anyone with a need for outdoor signage should opt for the solvent printer, but be sure to choose the eco-conscious, safer ink.
  • Aqueous printers are perfect for jobs that require high resolution, and this type is usually the most economical and adaptive for several different uses.
  • For those jobs that require printing on canvas or plastic, the flatbed-UV wide format printer is an excellent option. This printer allows you to print on almost everything, and its ink is nearly as permanent as that used in solvent printers.

What are The Benefits of Wide Format Printers?

These machines are perfect for those times when you have a smaller-sized batch of large printing. For example, if your sales team attends expos and conventions regularly, you probably outsource the printing job for your signage and booth materials. Architecture blueprints are another great example, as the size of these outputs is much larger than your standard-sized paper. These small-run printing projects that require large sizes are a perfect fit for in-house printing on a wide format printer.

Outsourcing these types of projects can get expensive. They can also become out-of-date, as the cost of changing the design template or color scheme may prompt you to keep the same old layout and graphic presentation. With an in-house wide format printer, your team can switch up branded and marketing materials as desired. With one of these wide format printers, your team will also enjoy a much quicker turnaround time.

Other advantages include the high quality of imagery that wide format printers produce. Through advanced droplet technology, your images are crystal clear and have a precision of output that is tough to beat. They also are equipped to detect the difference between text and images, thereby creating much clearer and bolder graphics. And, if you’ve been trying to use a desktop or multifunction printer to complete your marketing materials, you will be amazed by the speed of output available from a wide format printer.

Of course, the main advantage of having a wide format printer in-house is efficiency. The amount of time that you can save from producing printed materials in-house may astound you. The cost savings of having a machine in-house is another significant benefit. Between the time and money that you’ll save, having a wide format printer makes more and more sense. High-quality banners, marketing materials, and signage are vital parts of any successful company’s brand strategy, and creating these items in-house gives you greater creative control.

Are Wide Format Printers Right for Your Business?

If you have a business need for printed materials of all sizes, then a wide format printer might be right for you. With an in-house wide format printer, like one of from our line of the HP DesignJet series, you can enjoy greater control over the production and turnaround schedule, and you don’t have to go anywhere or rely on an outside team to meet your specifications. HP DesignJet wide format printers are secure, efficient, and accurate while also producing vivid images.

Flexibility with creative output is another huge plus of your business having a DesignJet wide format printer. You can run as many test copies as you like and are also able to make adjustments on the fly. There’s no need for lengthy conversations or tedious back and forth communications when your in-house design team is able to rework materials on demand. Printing banners and signage in-house is an effective way to keep costs down without having to sacrifice on quality. Today’s DesignJet wide format printers create materials with bold text and sharp graphics, all from the comfort and convenience of your own office!

Interested in finding out more about our impressive selection of DesignJet wide format printers? Contact Definitive Technology Solutions today to learn more about these beneficial office machines.