Purchasing Your Home Workforce Print Hardware – Retail or Dealership?

Sharp Desktop MFP 300x250 - Purchasing Your Home Workforce Print Hardware

When determining the best route for purchasing print hardware for your remote workforce there are two main options – retail or dealership. While retail may seem like the simplest purchasing approach, you may be surprised by the broad range of smaller devices available from your local dealership. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a device:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – the device cost is only one piece of the puzzle; the cost of ink or toner and any service and maintenance costs also come into play. A low up-front cost is often offset by higher consumable costs or the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Device Streamlining – retail stores may have a hodgepodge of brands and device types, which can be an inventory nightmare and place extra burden on your IT support staff. Streamlining your devices can improve supportability, supply inventory, and reduce IT headaches.
  • Security – printers on home networks present the same security risks as those on corporate networks. When selecting a home print device, it is important to make sure it meets your security policies so your organization can stay protected.

Since the pandemic, many manufacturers such as Sharp Electronics have expanded their ranges of smaller devices to meet the needs of home office workers. These compact MFPs and Printers are designed with features to help meet security compliance and manage print costs. In addition, many dealerships already have pricing models in place to support small office devices through a Managed Print Services Agreement using a cost per copy (CPC) model.

There is no single right answer for where to purchase your home workforce print hardware, but it is important to keep these things in mind. As we move into a new age of remote work capabilities, keep an eye on dealerships to offer solutions for all types of offices. DTS offers Sharp’s full lineup of award-winning products including office MFPs, light production, and desktop print & multifunction devices.