Multifunction Copiers Boast Modern Features and Huge Advantages for Businesses

Offices with demanding printing schedules can benefit from multifunction copiers, high-quality devices that give you a wealth of options and improve printing capabilities. They have features and benefits that you may never have considered, so they are laid out for you below. 

Key Features Modern Multifunction Copiers Offer Businesses 

The best thing about modern multifunction copiers is they are packed with features. You can find bells and whistles for all kinds of uses, but the most universally valuable features are listed here. 


There are plenty of ways to connect printers around an office, and each improves access and expands the total number of features available. Many devices are cloud and internet-enabled, which means you can get them to print from anywhere in the world. You can also upload scanners to a cloud server so that digital copies are instantly accessible to anyone with permission. 

Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking allow a central device to be used by the whole office. USB connections offer additional reliable ways to keep a multifunction copier in use. 

Document Distribution 

There are so many ways to share and use documents with modern copiers. You can scan from the device directly to your desktop, email, or the cloud, so they are digitized and easy to access. This allows you to skip printing and save a ton of time. Plus, when you do need paper copies, the device can handle quality printing simultaneously. 


One of the most significant advantages of modern multifunction copiers is they can handle large-scale tasks. You can pick the device that is right for your office’s document production volume. High-capacity devices for heavy use reduce wait times, downtime for maintenance, and the number of devices needed for the office to function. 

Quality of Life 

You can get a copier with enough print speed to keep up with office demand. Print quality allows you to make documents that are clear and legible. You can even pursue photorealism if that is needed. Copiers with high ink efficiency save on operation costs, and scanners with sufficient resolution can produce impressive digital copies. 

Other quality-of-life features to think about are copying speed, duplexing, collating, and stapling. 


It’s easy to underestimate the power of a multifunction copier’s software. Powerful software tools can help with document management and organization. Also, you can scan straight to an editable pdf or image file and immediately collect information from your scanned documents. 

Advantages of Multifunction Copiers 

With so many features available, you can assume that multifunction copiers offer real, measurable benefits to businesses that use them. Your assumption is correct, and the bulk of those benefits will impact your workflow and/or your bottom line. 

By far, the greatest advantage of a multifunction copier is efficiency. Efficiency comes in many forms. A good device can replace several other units that are less capable. This is more efficient in terms of purchasing or leasing costs. It also saves space. Fewer devices will lead to more efficient power usage, and will minimize maintenance costs. 

In addition to efficiency, your copier can help you improve security. Every device on a network is a potential security risk. Multifunction copiers reduce the total number of devices needed to operate, which improves security. You can also invest in advanced security features for your copier and double up on your network protection. 

Things to Consider Before Your Next Purchase or Lease 

It all sounds great, but how do you choose the right copier? The answer is to break your selection options into three criteria: features, costs, and usability. 


Make sure you get the features your office needs. If you don’t need color printing, go for a cheaper black and white device. You can apply this perspective to every feature and customize the set of options on your copier. This will give you the performance you need at the best price possible. 

Cost Per Page 

Every page you print costs money. Think about the cost in terms of ink replacement. You can also consider the volume you print. If you overwork your copier, it will wear out too fast and raise your cost per page. Getting a copier rated for your office print volume reduces the total cost per page. 

Ease of Use 

The most important thing to consider is how you use the device. No matter how advanced the technology might be, it isn’t beneficial to your office if you can’t use it quickly. 

Multifunction printers can dramatically transform offices for the better. If you want to explore your options, contact DTS today. We’ll talk about your business and get to know the specifics of how you operate. From there, we can make professional recommendations that will tailor the hardware to the exact needs of your Minneapolis area business.