Archive while you print with DocuWare Printer

Businesses are flooded with all kinds of information on a daily basis. Each day invoices are mailed and received, emails are sent and received, quotes are generated, and reports are created. That’s just a small list of the content flowing through companies, it could go on and on. On top of that, most documentation is printed for record keeping purposes.

Some people are just used to printing and storing in file folders because they’ve done it that way for years. In some cases, line of business applications might only have the ability to store data so documents must be printed. Others generate proposals, save them, email them, and print them to present the hard copy. Doesn’t that seem like a cumbersome process?

Almost every company fills out forms, prints them, and has a supervisor or manager sign them before the form is filed away. Think PTO and expense reports. How valuable would it be to speed up this process?

With the DocuWare printer you can electronically “print” any document to be automatically saved to a centralized storage repository. You also have the ability to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, when printing an invoice, the DocuWare printer can store a copy for records, generate an email with the invoice attached, and print a hard copy all with the click of a button. Additionally, if a document is electronically printed the system can trigger a workflow process for approval.

If any of these processes sound familiar, a content management system could greatly benefit your organization and speed up processes.

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