Integrated Document Management Boosts Enterprise Software ROI

By DocuWare | January 12, 2016

Many businesses invest in enterprise applications such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint to perform daily business operations.

One way to boost your ROI on enterprise systems is to bring an integrated document management system into your organization. Digital document management not only saves resources like paper, ink and postage, but it also saves you time and boosts the overall effectiveness of your enterprise applications.

integrated document management - Boost Enterprise Software

How Does An Integrated Document Management System Benefit My Business?

Imagine you are working in your accounting enterprise resource planning (ERP) system looking at a customer profile. If you want to see the customer’s entire order history and their correspondences and email with sales or customer support, wouldn’t it be nice to have easy access to all documents related to that customer?

That’s possible by integrating a document management system into your ERP system. Integrating a document management solution allows your organization to:

  • Automatically find and sort related documents
  • Access documents stored in other third-party applications
  • Store records related to information people are working with

Demand for an integrated document management tool that’s easy to configure is high. Most companies are seeking to integrate a document management solution into their existing line-of-business system with little to no additional programming.

How Does An Integrated Document Management System Work?

Most document management system integrations happen with a simple “point-and-shoot” approach that uses tools like Smart Connect to connect to a third-party app.

Smart Connect takes a screenshot of the third-party application to identify how to recognize it later. From the screenshot, you select the elements to be read by the document manager. You finish by creating a “Find Documents” button, which will appear in your existing third-party user interface.

This simple and smart search button allows you to find any documents relevant to the page you’re viewing in your ERP system.

How Does An Integrated Document Management System Improve Efficiency?

By integrating an electronic content management system into your primary enterprise application, your end users don’t have to change tools or learn how to use a new system.

Users save significant time by instantly accessing all the records and dates they’re searching for from within their familiar system. They want the applications they’re familiar with to become more effective, and integrated document management enables this.

Moreover, integrating a document management system with a line-of-business application gives companies instant access to the records and data they need, as well as automated business processes and seamless exchange of data between applications.

Gaining more value from your existing enterprise software allows you to increase its ROI. By integrating a document management system with your current system, you’re giving your users a tool that enables greater productivity and better collaboration.