Benefits of Remote Network Management

Remote monitoring involves addressing and resolving network issues in a way that doesn’t require you to be present at your place of business. Most times, remote monitoring is performed by a team of IT workers that specialize in remote network management. Investing in remote monitoring can ensure your IT team stays ahead of the game. This type of monitoring helps prevent revenue loss by mitigating network issues. Remote management in Minneapolis expands your IT solutions and provides several benefits. Here’s a look at a few of the specific benefits gained when you invest in remote network management.

Reduced Downtime

There are costly disadvantages when a business experiences network downtime. With an estimated cost of $84,000 for every hour of downtime, the cost alone should be reason enough to seek an alternative, such as remote monitoring. With constant remote monitoring and fewer bouts of downtime, productivity and morale are improved, as well as customer trust.


Security should always remain a top priority for any business. With remote management, you gain peace of mind in knowing your company is not at risk for a security breach. Threats are identified and dealt with accordingly, which reduces the likelihood of compromising your company’s sensitive data.

Reduced TCO

Total cost of ownership (TCO) can add up quickly. Routine maintenance of hardware and software will take a toll on your company. This doesn’t include the expenses involved in hiring, recruiting, staff training, and staff retention. Staff having the ability to manage network performance with remote management reduces the many costs that stem from running your IT systems. For example, remote access enables staff to see the status of network devices from out-of-the-office locations and address any issues immediately without having to commute.

Improved Maintenance

Applications and programs can receive necessary patches, updates, and health checks in real time. Assessing your system is easy with network information at your fingertips. You will find it much easier to address issues immediately and to keep your network healthy and performing at its best.

Improved Productivity

Downtime naturally slows production. When you take advantage of remote network management in Minneapolis, you will notice improvements in workflow. You’ll also increase productivity because automation frees up talented personnel as tasks are delegated to machines rather than staff members.

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