Wide Format - Benefits of an In-house Wide Format Printer

Benefits of an In-house Wide Format Printer

Whether or not to invest in a wide format printer comes down to a straightforward question: How often does your work require wide format printing? If you only need to print one or two A3 (4800 x 2400) items a year, then it might make more sense to stick to the print shops. Otherwise, it’s worth considering the cost of outsourcing that work vs. printing it in house.

A wide format printer may seem like a significant investment upfront, but when you add up a year’s worth of large print jobs at five, ten, twenty dollars a print, the investment in a new printer starts to look more and more reasonable. It’s comparable to the difference between renting a home vs. buying one. At a certain point, the latter becomes the cheaper of the two options. Here are a few benefits of an in-house wide format printer.

The Value

You’ve got a great idea for a poster to promote your business around Minneapolis, but you’re not sure it’s going to bring in enough new customers to justify the cost of paying someone to do a print run for you. With your A3 printer, that’s no longer a concern. If you’ve got the paper, you can give your idea a try.

Outsourcing Your Equipment

Almost every business on your block has a standard A4-sized printer on hand. If they need to print a flyer or a newsletter, they can just hit the button and start printing. If they need to print a run of posters and banners, they need to go looking for someone to hire. If that falls in line with your business goals, there’s no reason you can’t run your B2B large-print service.


If you print several large jobs a year, then a wide format printer is a necessary investment. It’s nice to have the option to do large-print jobs whenever you like. A wide format printer is as easy to use as any standard-sized printer and can open up a lot of new avenues for your business.

If you’re thinking of investing in in-house wide format printing, contact Definitive Technology Solutions to see if we have a solution for your business.