Modern Printing Systems Transform The Way You Work

Modern printers can perform a variety of different tasks and complete a number of printing jobs. Before modern printing systems came into existence, you would either need to have a variety of printing machines in your office or outsource your printing jobs to specialized printing shops. But modern printing systems help your employees get the job done in-house, increasing quality, decreasing printing costs, and increasing efficiency. Printing systems typically entail multifunction printers, copiers, laser printers, high-volume printers, light production printers, and wide format printers. If your business is still using printing shops for jobs or a variety of different printers, purchasing and utilizing modern printing systems can transform the way your employees work. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in a modern printing system for your office.

Boost Productivity & Streamline Workflows

Modern printing systems can help to boost productivity and streamline workflows. If you are not taking advantage of this type of technology in your office space, you or your employees may be spending more time printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and completing non-traditional print jobs than is needed. Every employer wants to increase efficiency in their office and help streamline workflows to maximize the time that employees are spending on their actual job. Here is more information on how modern printing systems can help you achieve this task.

Modern printing systems are able to complete many different tasks using one machine. Multifunction printers and copiers, for example, are all-in-one devices with built-in copy, fax, scan, and print functionalities. With these machines, an employee isn’t required to go from one machine to another to complete each of these tasks. Instead, they can leave their desk, go to one device, and achieve those functions in one location. Modern printing machines are also able to complete more complicated printing jobs, such as printing address labels, printing on irregular-sized media, or completing high-quality printing jobs that can be used for advertising purposes or presentations. Your employees won’t be waiting for a print shop to finalize a job and deliver those items when they have the ability and the capacity to do it all in your office in a matter of minutes.

Enhance Efficiency

Another benefit associated with a modern printing system is that they can help to enhance efficiency in your office. Think about your office for a minute. How much time do your employees spend trying to change ink in the printer? How much time do they spend trying to replace the toner in a copier? How much downtime is created when you have to have your fax machine serviced and then your printer serviced on another day? There are several inefficiencies created simply from having multiple devices. When you have one machine, such as a multifunction printer, that can accomplish various tasks, you increase efficiency. Employees only need to know how to replace the ink in one device, rather than several. The unit is only serviced at one time, rather than having to place multiple service calls. The unit only needs to be installed once, and your employees can be trained on that single device, rather than having to navigate interfaces with multiple pieces of imaging equipment.

Another way that modern printing systems help to increase and enhance efficiency is by keeping things organized. Employees can see exactly how many print jobs are ahead of theirs, providing them with a sense of timing for collecting their outputs. A modern printer also sorts jobs and staples jobs together so employees are not crowding around the printer trying to figure out which page is theirs and which printed pages may belong to colleagues. Having a printer that helps to organize processes for your boosts efficiency and reduces wasted time.

Reduce Costs

The last reason you should consider investing in an updated printing system is that they can reduce costs. Many businesses have no idea how much they are truly spending on all of their office printing needs. This is because they have multiple printing mediums, and keeping track of which one uses ink faster or what the costs are for toner can be challenging. When it comes to modern printing systems, software is available to track outputs and expenses associated with your imaging fleet. This solution makes it much easier to track what you are spending on printing and can highlight ways to reduce costs, such as requiring duplex (double-sided) printing, only allowing specific users to print in color, and more.

Modern printing systems can also help you reduce costs because they help limit or minimize the number of printing jobs you may have to outsource. Outsourcing work adds up quickly, particularly if your company requires high-volume or large-sized printing jobs. Printing in-house is often more affordable, but you need the right equipment to make it worth your while. Modern printing systems perform many of the same tasks that printing companies can perform, which ultimately helps you do these tasks in-house and save money.

There are an array of benefits associated with using modern printing systems within your business or organization. You can boost productivity, streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. Ultimately, modern printing systems transform the way you and your employees work. If you are not using modern printing systems, you may be spending more on printing than you need to be, and your employees may not be working as smoothly and efficiently as they should be. This is why you should consider investing in a modern printing system, allowing you to obtain each and every benefit that these printing systems have to offer. To learn more about how modern printing systems can transform the way your Bloomington business operates, contact DTS today.