Managed Print Services: 7 Benefits Growing Businesses Can’t Ignore

As your business begins to grow, you may need to invest in more hardware, like printers and scanners. In turn, as your hardware collection expands, it often becomes much more difficult to manage all of those different devices in an effective and efficient manner. That’s where managed print services (MPS) come into play. These services can make all the difference to a small business that’s starting to grow, providing the freedom and efficiency you need to maximize that growth.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Put simply, managed print services are programs and services that help with the management of printing equipment. These services are offered by managed print providers or partners and may include printer maintenance, user support, and printer fleet optimization.

7 Big Benefits for a Growing Business

MPS can be useful for all sorts of businesses, wherever printing equipment is in regular use. However, they’re particularly relevant for brands that are starting to get bigger, bringing in more workers and hardware or expanding into new locations.

Here are some of the key reasons to invest in MPS as your business grows.

Cutting Costs and Managing Your Budget

Managing a budget is one of the biggest challenges for growing businesses. Many business owners struggle to maintain control of their finances, feeling powerless as costs add up and money is wasted unnecessarily.

You might be surprised to learn that inefficient printing can be a huge money sink. In fact, many businesses are losing large amounts of cash daily through inefficient printing operations, like unnecessary use of color ink or printing off too many pages.

One of the big benefits of managed print services is that they know how to choose the most cost-effective printing options for every situation. They can carry out audits of your printing situation and make recommendations to help you save money, which can then be invested elsewhere.

Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats

As your business grows, the threat of serious, crippling cyber-attacks increases. Hackers and malicious agents often target growing brands, as they have a better chance of obtaining large ransomware payouts or stealing important company files.

That’s why cybersecurity is so crucial for growing brands. Protecting your laptops and computers is a good start, but printers are often overlooked. That can be a big mistake. Hackers can target printers to access data, like the files you recently printed, or even break into connected computers and devices.

Trusted managed printing providers can provide the cybersecurity defenses your printing equipment needs. This defends you against sneaky printer attacks and hacking attempts, providing an additional layer of protection for your company data.

Consolidation of Your Hardware

Another big issue for growing brands is managing the amount of printing hardware you buy. It’s easy to accidentally overspend and end up with an unmanageable number of printers and copiers. Likewise, you could make the mistake of failing to invest in enough printers.

Either way, it’s a problem. If you have too many printers, it means you’re wasting money on hardware you don’t need and taking up office space that could be better used. If you have too few, print jobs may be delayed, due to the lack of available hardware, causing frustration for your workforce.

Once more, MPS providers are ready to help. They’re able to assess your business’ printing needs, working out precisely how much equipment you require and scaling up or down as your business evolves.

Boosting Your Levels of Sustainability

These days, sustainability is all-important for growing businesses. With the threats of pollution and climate change clear to see, many businesses are taking eco-friendliness seriously, minimizing the amount of waste they produce.

Inefficient printing can damage your brand’s sustainability rating. If documents are printed incorrectly, large amounts of paper and ink are wasted. Plus, if you have too many machines, you could be using excessive amounts of energy.

With managed print services, you can optimize your business’ eco-approach, cutting down on wasted paper and saving money on energy. This won’t just help the environment; it can also help your business gain popularity with eco-savvy consumers who like to buy from environmentally-friendly brands.

Easing the Load on Your IT Team

If your company has its own IT or tech team, they probably have a lot of different duties. Typical tasks in an IT technician’s day can include fixing computers, addressing network problems, and ensuring that workers are online and able to carry out their duties.

IT teams don’t want to waste large amounts of time optimizing or repairing printers. It makes way more sense to hand that burden over to a specialist MPS instead.

The MPS can take care of printing issues. Meanwhile, your IT experts can focus their time and efforts on more important issues, like network administration tasks or cybersecurity.

Reducing the Risks of Costly Downtime

Finally, we have to talk about downtime. If printers and similar devices are put out of action, it can have a knock-on effect on your business’ profits. You may not be able to print or copy contracts, for example, which could delay business deals and agreements.

Yet again, an MPS can be of assistance. A good MPS will keep your printers up-and-running as much as possible, maintaining optimal levels of uptime operations. You won’t have to worry about those costly blackouts.

Bring the Benefits of Managed Printing to Your Business

As we can see, the benefits of managed print services are numerous and varied. Not only can these services save you time, money, and hassle, but they can also boost productivity and help your business grow. However, if you want to get the best results, you need to team up with a proven partner.

That’s where DTS comes in. Our experts can take care of all your printing needs, leaving you free to focus on more important areas of your business. Contact us today to learn more about managed printing services in Bloomington, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.