WhyYourBusinessNeedsDataSecurity - Why Your Business Needs Data Security

Your business needs data security

Automation is used in every aspect of our lives, be it personal or business. While technology is used for numerous purposes, there is one commonality throughout all electronic systems – the collecting, processing, and storing of data. Data has become an enormous task for all businesses, large and small. With the high risks associated with managing data, the importance of data security in Minneapolis from a managed IT services provider can’t be stressed enough.

Security Cannot Be Ignored

In the early part of the 21st century, companies tended to put data security on the backburner. After all, it didn’t drive revenue, it costs money. Fast-forward to 2018, holding onto this philosophy can cost companies substantial amounts.

  • Data is an important asset — if a system crashes or is taken down by cybercriminals, this data loss may be too costly to bear.
  • Corrupted, lost or stolen data may erase any competitive advantage held.
  • Breached data costs money — in 2018 the average cost is $148 per record in a data breach (up from $141 per record in 2017).
  • A data breach generally leads to a loss of customer confidence, seriously harming a business.

Breaches in data security also come with legal and regulatory consequences to face. Not only must companies follow their home country’s laws but, depending on where business is done or where servers are located, they’ll have to deal with the consequences of the laws in other countries too.

All Businesses Are At Risk

As evidenced by the very public data breaches, it’s clear large businesses are targets, however, did you know small businesses are at high risk too? In 2017, 90 percent of small businesses still were not adequately protecting their data according to a USA Today report. Cybercriminals know they can hit their payloads by targeting small businesses and are actively exploiting this knowledge.

Ways To Protect Your Data

It takes work to properly secure data. How decision makers go about doing so can literally make or break their company. Basics all businesses should do include:

  • Performing routine data backup
  • Installing virus and spam protection
  • Using a firewall to safeguard a network
  • Conducting security assessments
  • Establishing a security protocol
  • Educating teams on the importance of good data security practices

Bottom line, when it comes down to it, if a data breach occurs, your company is held responsible. However, if you’re proactive about information security, you put your organization in a far better position to reduce the effects of lost or stolen data.

Are you looking to enhance data security for your Minneapolis business? Contact Definitive Technology Solutions today. Don’t allow your data to stay unprotected.