Why Network Security is Essential for Businesses

Network security primarily is comprised of the practices companies put into place to protect their digital assets including data, apps, software, hardware, and web networks. Today’s businesses are at risk from malware and hackers. Small businesses aren’t exempt. According to statistics, 58 percent of cyber-attack victims in 2018 were small businesses. Cybercriminals target them because they tend to be the most vulnerable since they don't always invest in cybersecurity.

Once you understand the serious repercussions that can come with lax network protection, it’s easy to see why every business in Minneapolis should invest in network security.

Protect Internal and External Information

Aside from it being a business’ responsibility to protect client information, if the data flowing in and out of the network is breached, the company can suffer devastating consequences.

  • Increased risk of identity theft for your customers, employees, and yourself
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Industry and regulatory fines or other penalties
  • Legal fees
  • Diminished brand reputation
  • Exposure of proprietary secrets

Carefully monitoring your network can significantly reduce these risks, protecting your customers, employees, and yourself.

Improve Network Performance

Networks that become infected with viruses, spyware, and other digital bugs will run slower, dragging down productivity. Protect your equipment, and you ensure you experience fewer incidents of downtime. Even a small disruption can be very costly to a small business.


Cleaning up after a cyber attack is expensive. What many Minneapolis small businesses don’t realize is that it’s far better to proactively secure their networks rather than reactively try to repair the damage. History has shown us a significant number of small companies go out of business after a significant breach occurs. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to maintain an IT department. However, managed IT vendors have the technical knowledge and resources to step in a cost-efficient way.

Ensure Duplication of Data

Investing in network protection also comes with an assurance routine data backup occurs, ensuring both critical and non-critical data is accessible. All it takes is just one attack to wipe out data, not to mention the increased risks associated with ransomware.

Swiping sensitive information is a lucrative illicit industry, making network security one process no business should ignore. Your network is your lifeline. Imagine the difficulty you’d have if you lost connectivity or your valued data. A managed IT solution can offer your Minneapolis-based company a secured network and ensure it's monitored to circumvent malicious attacks.

To learn more about the types of network security solutions available to protect your customers, employees, and yourself, contact Definitive Technology Solutions today for a consultation.