smart connect - DocuWare Smart Connect

Easy Integration into Third-Party Applications

Ever wish that you could put a magic button in your accounting system to automatically find copies of the submitted purchase orders or received invoices from your electronic filing cabinet? Applications that work together in perfect harmony make life easy for users, reduce errors, and lead to huge efficiency gains – but traditionally these integrations are costly to develop, time-consuming to create, prone to errors, and fragile when it comes to updates for the integrated applications.

DocuWare Smart Connect allows you to create integrations with virtually any software with zero coding in under 3 minutes! Our automated wizard takes you step-by-step of though the process:

Step 1: The wizard takes a snapshot of the application on the screen you wish to use to integrate

Step 2: You draw boxes around the data you wish to use to integrate

Step 3: You map the boxes to index fields in DocuWare which you would like use for either searching for or storing records.

It’s as simple as that.

With DocuWare Smart Connect you can easily connect every single one of your business applications to your ECM system. Once you have Smart Connect configured you will no longer have to look at an invoice number on one screen and type it into a search field on another. You’ll no longer have to type in data in your accounting system just to type the same data in your ECM a second time. This will all be 100% automated – you can rest easy knowing you’ve eliminated mistakes from typos, time spent doing duplicate data entry, and have seamlessly integrated your business applications without having to write a single line of code.

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