Multifunction Copiers Play a Vital Role In the Modern Workplace

These days, efficiency rules in the workplace. The faster you can get the job done, the more competitive your business and bottom line. One of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is with a multifunction copier. These machines are both handy and highly capable, making them a valuable centerpiece in your office. 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a multifunction copier for your company, here is everything you need to know about them. 

How Multifunction Copiers Benefit Your Business

Some advantages of a multifunction copier may be obvious, while others might not. Here are the top reasons to start utilizing one of these machines today. 

  • Upfront Cost Savings – Today’s multifunction copiers do the work of at least three or four machines. With these devices, you can scan, copy, print, fax, and even send email attachments directly. So, if you tried buying each of these units separately, you could wind up spending a lot more than your budget allows. 
  • Lower Energy Costs – Another benefit of combining so many features in one machine is that it uses less energy. Even better, modern multifunction copiers will go into “sleep” mode automatically when they’re not in use, meaning that they draw less power overall. 
  • Save Space – Most offices have limited real estate for various machines and appliances. Unless you have a massive copy room, a multifunction copier can take up far less space than individual devices. The compact design makes these machines ideal for smaller offices or workplaces. 
  • Save Time – Let’s say that you need to print a pamphlet, make ten copies of that pamphlet, and send a digital version to your boss. With traditional copiers and printers, that whole process could take hours as you move from one machine to the next. With a multifunction device, you can handle everything in one spot. Print your pages, make your copies, and send the file without changing your standing position. When it comes to efficiency, multifunction copiers shine. 
  • Reduced Maintenance – Modern multifunction copiers are built to last, but your maintenance costs will be lowered as well because you don’t have to service multiple devices at once.

Minor Drawbacks of Multifunction Copiers

Although these devices are valuable for your business, you need to understand their limitations as well. By looking at both sides of the equation, you can make sure you buy or lease the right machine for your needs. Here are a few areas where multifunction copiers can struggle. 

  • Limited Production Capacity – If you have to print hundreds of pages at a time, all-in-one devices will have a hard time keeping up. Instead, these units are built for smaller jobs of around 10-50 pages. A better bet for large-scale print jobs is a high-volume production printer
  • Workplace Bottlenecks – One of the primary disadvantages of having everything in one machine is that only one employee can use it at a time. If you used multiple devices, one worker could make copies while someone else prints pages. Depending on the size of your team and the amount of printing your office requires, you might have to acquire multiple devices to alleviate bottlenecks and inefficiencies. 
  • Workflow Interruptions – Another potential downside of a multifunction copier is that it will likely stop working altogether if you neglect to maintain it regularly. For example, if you can’t make copies, the device probably won’t be able to print either. So, if the machine needs to be repaired, it could disrupt your office’s workflow until it’s fixed. Fortunately, many multifunction copier leases include regular maintenance as part of their contract to avoid downtime and keep your team’s workflows moving forward. 

What Multifunction Copiers Bring to the Table

As we mentioned, multifunction copiers have tons of features that make them ideal productivity tools. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect when buying one of these machines. 

  • Copying – Modern devices can make color or black and white copies with excellent fidelity. Although multifunction devices have had quality issues in the past, newer models are professional-grade. 
  • Printing – Since multifunction copiers are relatively high-tech, most of them allow remote printing. This capability means that all workers can print from the same device without bringing a flash drive to the copy room. Employees can even print from their phones for added convenience. 
  • Scanning – Many of these machines can connect to the cloud, allowing you to scan and upload documents to a remote drive. This way, you can keep those files secure and share them instantly with clients, supervisors, and co-workers. 
  • Faxing – Although faxing is far less common today, many companies rely on fax machines for security and reliability. Best of all, you can scan and fax the same paper so that you always have a digital backup, just in case. 
  • Emailing – Since multifunction copiers are connected to the internet, it’s easy to send files via email. This process enables digital transfers of documents to save time and money. 

How to Choose the Right Multifunction Copier for Your Business

Each office environment is unique, so you need to make sure that you buy the best machine for your needs. Here are the top factors to consider when comparing different multifunction copiers. 

  • Security – You’d be surprised by how few offices secure their printers and copiers. Unfortunately, since these devices are connected to the whole office, they are a primary target for hackers and thieves. Be sure to purchase a model that makes it easy to encrypt documents, emails, and wireless connections. 
  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) – Some offices may not need to copy too many pages, so an ADF won’t be necessary. However, if you do high-capacity jobs occasionally, this feature can be pretty handy. Automatic document feeders allow you to place a stack of papers into a tray so that you don’t have to copy each piece of paper individually. 
  • Speed – Fortunately, professional-grade multifunction copiers are fast and efficient when copying and printing since they use toner instead of ink. However, if you buy a home office model, you might not get the same results. Make sure you speak with your vendor to ensure the device you choose is the right fit for your needs. 
  • Upkeep Costs – Speaking of toner, you’ll need to replace these cartridges regularly, so pay attention to those costs when purchasing a new machine. In some cases, you might be able to save money by purchasing a multifunction copier that uses affordable toner. You can also look into high-capacity cartridges that last longer. 

Improve Workplace Efficiency With a Multifunction Copier

As you can see, multifunction copiers can enhance your workplace and enable your employees to work more efficiently. If your Minneapolis business is ready to compare models and buy one of these devices, contact DTS today. One of our trained, professional representatives can help you find the right copier to meet your company’s demands.