Windows 7 Update - How to Plan for the End of Windows 7 Support

How to Plan for the End of Windows 7 Support

Microsoft recently announced the End of Life (EOL) date for Windows 7: January 14th, 2020.  The EOL date is the date which all patches or updates for specific software will be halted. If your device is still operating on Windows 7, it could potentially have a significant security vulnerability as cyberattacks are continuously updating while your Windows 7 machine wouldn’t have the necessary updates to handle these attacks. If you’re still operating on Windows 7, Definitive Technology Solutions (DTS) would like to assist you with your migration to Windows 10.

Formulate a Plan

DTS will assess your current technology and workflow to see if any device is operating on Windows 7 or if any other outdated software is in use.  For successful conversion to Windows 10, certain hardware criteria must be met. We’ll work with you to determine which machines are ready to migrate and which ones may need an additional upgrade. We’ll also carefully analyze the devices and compare them to Microsoft’s minimum Windows 10 system requirements to ensure that upgrading them is the best solution overall.


DTS offers migration services to assist with upgrading to Windows 10. With our hassle-free migration process, your machines will have a seamless transition with minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations.

Benefits of Migration

The most crucial benefit of migration is the maximization of security to lessen vulnerabilities that the Windows 7 operating system wouldn’t be prepared to handle. In addition to security, Windows 10 along with an updated Microsoft Office Suite brings new features designed with businesses in mind. We can also work with you to minimize any workflow disruption the migration may cause as well as helping you determine if upgrading or completely replacing specific devices is the best decision for your business. Another added benefit is that Microsoft is planning to make Windows 10 the final version of Windows. This means that after migrating to Windows 10, there will never be a need to upgrade to another operating system. There will only be small updates and no major operating system releases.

Get Started Today

Definitive Technology Solutions is prepared to help your business seamlessly migrate to Windows 10. If your workplace is using Windows 7 or any other Windows operating system other than Windows 10, contact us to get started on the migration process today!