How Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Use DocuWare

DocuWare is a modern, cloud-based document management solution designed to digitize your paper documents and provide secure access for your employees when and where they need it. With a document management solution, small businesses can securely capture and organize the information they use every day and replace cumbersome manual methods with automated workflows. Some common areas that document management are used include:

  • DocuWare 1 - How Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Use DocuWareAccounts payable and other finance processes
  • Contracts and proposals for sales
  • Employee records and other HR processes
  • Secure document archiving

With preconfigured cloud solutions, DocuWare document management is easier than ever to deploy in just a few days. The user-friendly interface keeps the learning curve short while also allowing employees the flexibility to capture, retrieve and store documents from a smartphone or tablet.

Team members who are working from home or remotely can instantly retrieve documents from one central repository, eliminating the need for paper-based file storage at multiple locations.

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