How Multifunction Copiers Add Value to SMBs

A multifunction copier, also often referred to as a multifunction printer, is an all-in-one piece of office equipment that simplifies many everyday office processes. Multifunction copiers go beyond traditional copiers in the sense they also can fax, scan, print, and even send emails or auto-feed documents. Essentially, this piece of machinery operates very much as a computer does.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find high value in multifunction copiers for a variety of reasons. Great benefits businesses realize include a reduction of operating costs, enhancement of efficiency, and a boost in data security.

Reduce Operating Costs

Many SMBs don’t have the robust technology budgets their larger counterparts do. As a result, they often turn to outside providers or see how they can consolidate processes (or equipment) to reduce their operating costs. Multifunction copiers easily fit into this strategy through the following.

Lower Utility Bills – With fewer machines running, less electrical power is drawn daily. No more booting up four machines in the event someone may need to use one. Instead, you only need to power one single device. Not to mention most modern multifunction copiers are ENERGY STAR rated for energy efficiency and easily slide into sleep mode when not being used to save additional power.

Less Maintenance – Maintenance of one machine is far easier than maintaining several. Not to mention, newer machines typically see fewer breakdowns and, in the event of one, parts are easier to find and are lower priced. Older machines typically are expensive to maintain since parts are scarce.

Reduced Waste – Multipurpose copiers are rooted in digitization which means this results in less waste. Most SMBs see the overall expense of paper, ink, and other consumables go down when utilizing these devices, enabling them to put these savings towards growth initiatives or other business purposes. Companies can track how much paper is being used and eliminate wasteful prints, which become costly over time.

More Office Space – Companies pressed for office space will find savings in this respect because with fewer devices in-house, if they need room to add another desk or other workspace, they’ll have more room to spread out rather than have to rent a bigger space. Once a multifunction copier takes the place of multiple pieces of equipment, offices enjoy the ability to better spread throughout the facility.

Save on Scanning – Storing documents digitally reduce the need to store and secure paper versions. Multipurpose copiers make it easy to scan important documents and send them into digital storage on laptops, desktops, or to a virtual destination.

The money saved through the use of multifunction copiers can be put towards other areas of operation that need tending to or be allocated towards efforts to grow the business.

Enhance Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity are two of the keys to a healthy business and multifunction copiers fit the bill here too. These devices enable team members to quickly and easily:

  • Collaborate with seamless communication through faxes, scans, and emailing documents.
  • Multitask several projects or communications simultaneously since these machines are networked and designed to work like a computer.
  • Network with all office devices enabling team members to use the same copier from their desks without interruption (no more long lines at the copy machine!)
  • Take advantage of mobile printing capabilities, enabling users to work out of the office, while on the road, or from a client’s location.
  • Perform organized document management since the printing infrastructure is in one location both physically and digitally.

Additionally, multifunction copiers reduce user frustration and boost productivity because they are designed to be operated with one singular interface. No more worries about team members needing training on multiple devices. Not to mention, newer machines using a smart interface will prompt users through each step of the task they need to complete.

Boost Data Security

One of the most significant advantages to installing a multifunction copier in an office is it provides heightened data security through a variety of measures.

User Authentication – Like computers and databases, these machines can be configured to have user authentication, meaning only authorized users will be able to access the machine, printed documents, or certain components.

Removable Hard Drive – Administrators can also remove the hard drive and lock it in a secure place if the device will be unattended for some time or when it is removed from the office to be discarded.

Encryption – Data encryption is integrated with the device’s framework to ensure any data that flows internally or externally is safe from prying eyes and useless should it fall into the hands of a hacker or other bad actor.

Overwriting Capabilities – The “shred” features integrated into today’s copiers enable authorized users to electronically remove sensitive digital information by overwriting the existing hard drive, essentially erasing data, ensuring the information passing through the equipment does not make its way to people who shouldn’t see it.

Data security is an important consideration for SMBs. Hackers do target these companies because they assume they do not have a robust security strategy. However, multifunction copiers offer high-security standards and help SMBs keep their data safe.

Learn more about how multifunction copiers add value to your SMB

Multifunction copiers significantly boost productivity and allow organizations a high level of flexibility to keep documents and communications moving. It is easy to see why these machines are a valuable asset for SMBs. At DTS, we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and there are several different types of machines to choose from that will best fit any small- or medium-sized business’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about multifunction copier options and how investing in this type of office technology can help your Minnesota-based business reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost security.