IT for SMBs 1 - How Managed IT Services Can Help Small Businesses

How Managed IT Services Can Help Small Businesses

Small businesses can stay competitive and increase their ability to expand services when they enlist the help of a Minneapolis managed IT service provider to reduce their IT maintenance burden and overcome the following challenges in running a modern business with a firm foundation technology. Many are realizing the benefits that outsourced IT solutions bring to overcoming the following pain points:

  • the difficulty in finding and keeping trained IT employees
  • keeping the computer network healthy and dependable
  • maintaining data security and establishing office IT procedures
  • staying abreast of software updates and reducing cyber threats

Managed computer services can fill the gaps in your present computer operations or take the helm by providing ongoing IT maintenance, security updates, and network monitoring. These service providers offer proactive solutions to maintaining your company’s internet and intranet business – from backing up data, downloading hardware drivers, to keeping your systems from harmful cyber attacks.

Outsourced IT services is a proactive solution to improve IT operations and reduce the cost of keeping current computer hardware, new software applications, and IT expertise costs down as an alternative to on-demand services that depend on a “break-and-fix” model. The business enters into a contractual agreement for scheduled or ongoing remote and/or in-house IT systems management and network monitoring.

Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services

It has become crucial for small- and medium-sized businesses to leverage the power of technology to stay competitive, to eliminate slow and outdated manual office procedures, and to provide faster customer service or technical response to their clients.

For a fraction of the cost, these service providers use cloud-based solutions to remotely ensure your data security, website functioning, and network operations are current and operating at a high level. Here are a few reasons why small businesses in Minneapolis should take advantage of outsourced management of IT systems:

  • Computer downtime or slow response can cause employees to become frustrated and unmotivated. IT management’s main goal is to keep your system healthy and responsive. Your employees can do their job faster and with less hassle.
  • Outdated hardware and software technology means your company is not taking advantage of faster processing speeds and software applications that can automate tedious business tasks. With outsourced IT services, you have current technology and a system that can easily grow with your business operations.
  • Reduce your IT costs which include hardware repairs or replacements, software revisions, network management, data storage, along with IT maintenance and labor costs. It takes a lot to keep computer networks up and running efficiently. Outsourcing these responsibilities to the experts will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Maintain your flexibility to compete and grow quickly with an IT system that is packed with customer data and website analytics to tell you exactly where your target customers are and how you can get their business. Many business owners simply are not aware of IT solutions built to enhance your business operations – but the experts are!

When you partner with an IT service provider in Minneapolis, you gain the IT expertise and experience to compete on the same technology level as larger businesses. Contact DTS to learn how our IT management services can install, maintain, and integrate your business operations with IT platforms meant to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce the burdens of maintaining a secure computer network.