Government, Education, Legal, Healthcare: How Sharp Copiers Offer Solutions for Vertical Markets

With a dedication to improving our lives via a commitment to design, value, quality, and innovation through technology, it’s no wonder that Sharp has led the technology market for decades. Sharp’s commitment to business ethics has led to numerous awards for the company due to innovative products, like copiers and printers, that have improved professional industries.

Considering how Sharp has benefited business in general, it’s a given that they provide services to vertical markets. Whether it’s via commercial projects, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, or government agencies, industries rely on Sharp products for their high quality and necessary reliability to perform daily tasks. When it comes to attention to detail, Sharp is the brand that goes above and beyond expectations in the workforce, providing solutions individual industries need to keep workflows moving forward.

Sharp Copiers for Government Agencies

When it comes to the makings of the government marketplace, things like contract compliance, product reliability, and cost containment are all critical components. Thankfully, Sharp provides a wide range of advanced technology products for utilization throughout government offices, administrative offices, and control and command centers. Whether it be a local, state, or federal government, Sharp meets (and exceeds) security requirements with their extensive lineup of multifunction printers (MFPs). These award-winning MFPs include enhanced security options like an end-of-lease feature that can overwrite all data concerning job status, user data, and documentation filing.

Sharp’s interactive display system called AQUOS BOARD has changed the game in the world of government operations. It offers the services and tools that government organizations require to run essential meetings, which allow such agencies to think big on a global scale. Through Sharp’s solutions, agencies can disseminate, collaborate, and communicate information (wherever they may be on the globe) in real-time.

Sharp Copiers for Educational Institutions

Businesses like educational institutions, libraries, and copy centers all require document controls and management. Sharp copiers and MFPs make it easier to safeguard information, such as student records, via external user accounts, passwords, group/user profiles, and via account codes that keep their data safe.

Sharp’s interactive display system, AQUOS BOARD, sets the bar in the world of educational operations. It is ideal for any educational environment because it’s accessible from anywhere to share presentations, providing a highly sought-after learning tool to share information easily. Whether it be universities, high schools, or elementary schools, all can benefit from the AQUOS BOARD and its advanced technology. The collaborative and interactive features of this product provide a learning experience that’s second to none.

Sharp Copiers for Law Firms

When it comes to law firms, client confidentiality and document management are crucial. Thankfully, Sharp helps protect law offices’ client records with award-winning MFP technology. Between the “end of lease” feature that overwrites job status and user data and an array of enhanced security options, Sharp copiers and MFPs make cases that much easier for firms to tackle and compliance a breeze.

Firms require interactive display systems for interactive digital signage, live data, video conferencing, presentations, and collaborative meetings. This is why the Sharp AQUOS BOARD delivers in just about every department for lawyers as well. Sharp’s digital display solution allows an office to disseminate, collaborate, and communicate information globally in real-time.

Sharp Copiers for Healthcare Organizations 

When it comes to the healthcare industry, services like cost containment and patient care are the most critical factors in everyday work. Thankfully, Sharp provides a wide range of high performing technology offerings that can make working in healthcare teaching environments, administrative offices, patient rooms, or hospital reception areas effortless and easy to manage. With Sharp being recognized as a leader in document security, Sharp copiers will ensure that all patient records are kept private and secure, giving your healthcare organization peace of mind by gaining compliance.

Healthcare industries need an interactive display system for interactive digital signage, live data, video conferencing, presentations, and collaborative meetings, which is why so many select the Sharp AQUOS BOARD as their go-to system to perform such tasks in a corporate setting. Sharp’s solutions allow healthcare organizations to disseminate, collaborate, and communicate information globally in real-time.

In consideration of the information above, Sharp’s products have moved technology forward for years and will continue to do so. Whether the product is consumer-grade or professional grade, Sharp’s attention to detail is what keeps them relevant in such competitive, high-stakes industries. Being in business for over a hundred years, Sharp has honed its products down to the most intricate detail and made a smooth transition into supporting each vertical market, from government agencies to education to legal to healthcare and beyond. Sharp’s products are proven to help businesses streamline workflows, remain compliant, and increase efficiency.

No matter your industry, contact Definitive Technology Solutions today if you are in need of a new Sharp copier. We will review your options, your workflows, and your budget to provide you with the right device at the right cost.