POLARISPRO FRONT PANEL1 300x178 - Document FilingSharp’s Advanced MFP Features

Sharp MFPs offer the ability to store documents on the hard drive of the machine for quick access to commonly shared documents and confidential printed documents. Custom folders can be created with or without pass codes with shared or individual access. Users can set up folders in various ways in order to fulfill different needs and privacy requirements.

Shared Folders – Using a shared folder that is available to all users allows for documents to be saved, stored and printed the same way every single time, offering printing consistency and less paper waste.  This option is often used for HR forms, fax cover sheets or anything that is a template-type document.  These template forms can be printed on an as-needed basis from the MFP, rather than taking up physical space when printed out and stored.

Print to Hold – Using an individual locked folder helps protect confidential documents that are being printed to the Sharp MFP.  This makes sure that documents aren’t intercepted by the wrong person and also saves on paper waste by assuring that documents are being retrieved when printed.

Click here for instructions on using the Print to Hold feature.

Custom Touch Buttons – A touch button can be added to the home screen of your copier to scan from the MFP to the hard drive of the machine. Or you can print from your computer directly into your desired folder by choosing the settings in your print driver. If you choose to have the touch button added to the home screen of your MFP, you also have the ability to scan documents to or print files from a USB.

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