Managed Print 1 - Outsourcing Printer Fleet Management

Do SMBs Benefit from Outsourcing the Management of Their Printer Fleet?

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are always on the lookout for ways to remain competitive with larger corporations. SMBs most often operate on limited budgets that require them to be tech-savvy in order to operate competitively. Managed Print is one solution that can help Bloomington’s SMBs thrive. These services are designed to help companies manage all aspects of their business printing devices, including printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. Here’s an overview of Managed Print and how they can benefit your SMB.

How exactly does Managed Print work?

It all starts with a print fleet analysis. Your provider will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your printer fleet to determine your total cost of printing. Once you get a snapshot picture of your devices, their usage, and total cost of ownership, your printer placement will be streamlined and possibly consolidated to enhance workflows. Upgrades to equipment will be made wherever necessary to improve overall printing performances, while keeping your budget in mind. Your provider will then develop a plan to manage your entire fleet, including maintenance, service, supply ordering, and repairs.

How Managed Print benefits your SMB

  • Predict problems before they occur. Your provider will monitor your printing devices from a remote location. They can often identify a potential problem and fix the issue before it ever happens. Addressing issues before they occur drastically cuts back on downtime due to broken devices. By maximizing your print fleet’s uptime, your employees also will be able to work more efficiently and productively.
  • Cut back on printing expenses. An efficient office will help you cut back on expenses related to paper, ink, toner, and electricity use. If a device does happen to malfunction, your provider will take care of the repairs, which is covered under your monthly contracted rate. This keeps costs fixed to help you stay within the means of an SMB’s budget.
  • Let your IT team tackle value-adding tasks. With your printing needs covered, your IT team can focus on core initiatives that will help move your business forward.
  • Supply monitoring and ordering. With MPS, there’s no need to worry about running out of ink or toner. Your provider will take care of that for you. Supplies are monitored remotely, and they get shipped out to you right on time to ensure you have the consumables that you need when you need them.
  • Energy savings. MPS helps SMBs consolidate your print fleet and upgrade to more efficient devices. Not only will this help you will realize cost savings on your energy bills, but you also can be proud of operating a more environmentally friendly office.

Managed Print programs continue to grow in popularity with SMBs for their sheer ability to save money while simultaneously improving the printing capabilities and functionalities of an office environment. For more information on Managed Print and how it can benefit your Bloomington SMB, contact us today.