DTS Dec 2019 Image - Copiers and Laser Printers: Why Your Office Needs Both

Copiers and Laser Printers: Why Your Office Needs Both

Are copiers and printers necessary? A lot of new startups may say no, thinking they are antiquated technology. Moreover, many people may not see the need for paper documents and will strive to maintain a paperless office. But when you launch a business, you quickly determine there is a need for paper documents. This demand necessitates the requirement of having pieces of equipment that can handle the day-to-day work of a busy office, which, more often than not, includes hard copy documents.

Copiers and laser printers are two pieces of office equipment that are integral to improving workflow, efficiency, and productivity in most modern office environments. Copiers, often also referred to as multifunction printers (MFPs), provide numerous outputs, or copies, of the same document. Laser printers, on the other hand, will print data from your office computers at high volumes using toner, as opposed to their inkjet counterparts that rely on ink and are built for smaller jobs. These machines are designed to make device setup easier and faster while also being easy to operate, control, monitor, manage, and maintain.

Launching your own company means you must be prepared to produce high-volume output to ensure a variety of clients are taken care of properly. Having copiers and laser printers on hand is a critical component of adding both professionalism and credibility to businesses of all sizes.

Why does your business need copiers?

Copiers add efficiency and productivity to any modern business. Having a device on hand to produce duplicates of a particular document is beneficial in countless scenarios. Consider your next client meeting. While you may rely on a digital presentation to enhance its visual components, having hard copies of documents, such as budgets, goals, and proposed timelines, will allow your clients to take home the most important aspects of your presentation. These tangible takeaways ensure you are remembered well after you finish, maximizing the effectiveness of your presentation and ROI for the time spent on that particular client. Having a copier in house allows you to produce multiple copies in color or black and white within minutes of the presentation, instead of having to prepare the presentation well in advance and wait for copies at your local print shop (with the hopes of no errors or changes needed between the time of printing and the presentation itself).

Copiers are also essential for in-house activities. During your weekly or monthly meetings, having a copier in house helps to provide agenda outlines to each member of your team. This prepares your employees for the meeting, letting them know the scope of topics to be covered and a timeline of events. Your team will also be prepared to provide input where necessary. The need for internal employees to have access to hard copies of documents goes beyond team meetings. Whether you’re reviewing budgets with your board of directors or getting input from your team about your latest marketing materials, having a copier on hand will maximize your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Why does your business need laser printers?

Despite modern trends toward a paperless office, laser printers are still necessary pieces of office equipment for most businesses. Consider the perspective of your customers. Even if your office data is digitized, you cannot expect your customers to be completely paperless. Small businesses, in particular, may rely on paper more than your company, and it’s not worth losing a customer over lack of printer availability. Providing hard copies of documents, such as invoices, as well as digitized versions can ensure you cater to your customers regardless of their level of tech-savvy.

Additionally, consider the importance of having multiple versions—both hard copy and digitized—of you company’s most important documents. With cloud storage and offsite servers, the bulk of your documents can be digitally stored and protected. But, having print outs of the most critical documents it takes to run your business can ensure that you are backed up if technology happens to fail you.

Finally, printouts can be a boon to productivity and efficiency for teams working toward a goal. Having a physical print out of sales goals, key points of a new initiative you plan to enact, or even an email can help your team feel more attached to a project, enhance brainstorming efforts, and inspire employees to take ownership over problem-solving.

Despite the trend to a paperless office, there is value in having copiers and laser printers on site. They add efficiency and productivity to your team’s workflows while helping to expand the reach of your efforts to various types of customers and prospects.

Once you understand the value of your office having access to both copiers and printers, the next step is to purchase or lease them. But, with all of the office equipment available on the market today, how do you determine which to bring in-house? Here are four qualities to look for in your next office copier or printer.

Four qualities to look for in a copier or laser printer:

  1. Compatibility. Make sure that your copier and printer work well with your computers and other equipment accessories. Your office equipment should help your business run more efficiently, and ensuring networ