Secure anytime, anywhere access to Business Content

Sharp Cloud Portal - Cloud Portal Office

Cloud Portal Office provides secure anywhere, anytime access to business content, facilitates both remote and in person collaboration, and creates a single repository for both electronic and hard copy documents accessible from a wide range of business  platforms including tablets, smartphones, traditional PCs, as well as Sharp’s  AQUOS BOARD™ Interactive Display Systems and Sharp OSA® enabled MFPs.

What differentiates Cloud Portal Office from other cloud solutions currently on the market is the unique combination of capabilities it brings together, and the solution’s optimization for the Sharp B2B channel. Cloud Portal Office allow businesses to:

  • Connect from virtually anywhere. Whether in the office, traveling, or working remotely, Cloud Portal  Office helps maximize productivity by allowing workers to stay connected and access business content wherever they are and from a range of devices, including computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Collaborate more seamlessly. Files and folders can quickly be shared with remote workers, or those in the same office, when collaborating on projects.
  • Conference with confidence through Cloud Portal Office’s seamless integration with Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD displays. Presentations are now easy to access and present – no laptops or other technology needed.
  • Capture and archive hard copy documents through Sharp OSA enabled MFPs. The system integrates directly with MFPs, allowing hard copy documents to be stored alongside digital files. Indexing capabilities make finding information simple.
  • Control your business content through Cloud Portal Office’s security over stored content. Enhanced folder sharing and permission setting capabilities allow users to share as much or as little as they like.

Working together in Cloud Portal Office, these capabilities, along with their optimization for integration with Sharp MFPs and displays, ultimately save businesses time and money.

“Sharp’s  Cloud Portal Office is a cost effective, fully integrated solution for  businesses large and small,” said Mike Marusic, Senior Vice President,  Marketing and Business Solutions Group, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “It allows companies to balance the needs of their workforce to collaborate while maintaining a high level of security.”

Cloud  Portal Office is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) application available  through Sharp’s Cloud Portal platform. It provides a management console for a suite of Sharp and 3rd party cloud services; offering the channel a single purchase and management platform while providing end customers with unified license  management and single sign on across services.

Cloud Portal Office includes a suite  of software that allows users to seamlessly connect to the software no matter where they are and easily upload documents. This includes Cloud Portal Office Desktop for syncing software with Macintosh® OS and Microsoft® Windows® computers; Cloud Portal Office Mobile app for Apple iPhones®, iPads® and  Android® phones and tablets; Cloud Portal Office Meeting Room, the AQUOS BOARD  Interactive Display connector, and Cloud Portal Office  Scan/Print, a Sharp OSA enabled MFP Connector for seamless integration.