Six Signs You Need New Copiers

Copiers can save time, improve productivity and efficiency, and optimize workflow. Although many businesses want to go paperless, copiers remain invaluable for a large number of companies and offices. While copiers can last long, they aren’t eternal and will require a replacement after some time. Determining when to replace copiers can be tricky because you don’t want to waste money, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your employees’ efficiency and productivity. Here, we’ll discuss the six signs you need new copiers. We’ll also mention how to choose the best copiers for your business to ensure you get the most out of the investment.

Six Signs You Need New Copiers

Here are the most common signs you should consider replacing your current copiers:

Frequent Malfunctions

Copiers don’t last forever. As they age, they tend to break down and malfunction, requiring repairs. When these repairs become too frequent, you should consider replacing your copiers.

While investing in new copiers may seem like a big expense, consider how much you spend on repairs. More often than not, you’ll find that purchasing new, more efficient copiers is more affordable than repairing old ones that don’t offer as many convenient features.

Current Copiers Don’t Match Your Company’s Needs

One of the most common reasons for replacing copiers is damage and frequent breakdowns. However, you may need to replace your copiers even if they don’t have any issues. If your company has grown significantly in the last few years, you may realize your current copiers don’t match your business needs.

For example, current copiers may be too slow. You and your employees may notice the copiers are slowing you down, interrupting the workflow. If you want to maintain high productivity and efficiency, consider replacing current copiers with more advanced models or adding more copiers to the fleet.

Another reason you may consider an upgrade is the lack of features. These days, you can purchase multifunctional devices that allow you to print, copy, and scan documents in a few seconds. They also come with convenient features like wireless connectivity, enhanced security, or watermark capabilities.

Finding Spare Parts Has Become Impossible

As your copiers age, they’ll often require different component replacements. At one point, you may realize maintenance is more expensive than purchasing new copiers.

One of the clear signs that you should consider an upgrade is that the manufacturer stopped making spare parts for your current copiers. You may still be able to find parts at local shops, but after some time, you’ll be forced to invest in new copiers. Since malfunctioning copiers can interrupt your employees’ workflow, it’s vital not to wait too long.

Security Concerns

A copier connected to a network represents an endpoint that hackers can use to access the system. Older copier models usually have limited security features that aren’t enough to protect the network from potential cyberattacks and breaches.

That’s why you should consider purchasing a model with the latest security features like password protection, innovative security protocols, and hard drive encryption.

Environmental Concerns

Many companies take different actions to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment. One important step toward going green is replacing old copiers. Outdated copiers are heavy on the environment because they require large amounts of energy to operate.

If you want to be more eco-friendly, you can choose modern copiers that require less power. These copiers often have options like toner saver mode or an eco mode that reduce energy consumption.

The Lease Is Ending

Many companies, especially new ones, lease their copiers for a certain period, usually three, four, or five years. When the lease ends, you can keep paying for the copiers in monthly installments or take on a new lease. In many cases, the latter is a better option since you can lease copiers with modern features and ensure they meet your company’s current needs.

How to Choose the Best Copiers

Deciding it’s time for new copiers is a major step toward creating an efficient, productive, and optimized work environment. However, that doesn’t mean every new copier is suitable for your company. With many options on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If you want the best results, you should carefully choose which copiers are worth your money. Here are a few tips that can help you select the best copier for your business:

Consider Your Company’s Needs

The most important action you need to take to determine which copier is the best option is considering your company’s needs. Companies vary in size, the number of employees, copying needs, and many other factors. Here are the questions you should ask to narrow your options:

  • Do you also need to scan, fax, and print documents?
  • Do you need network connectivity?
  • Do you need different finishing options?
  • What are your daily demands?

Consider the Costs

Besides upfront costs, you should also consider other copier-related expenses. Research how much energy the copier you’re interested in consumes and how much the supplies and potential repairs cost.

Another factor you should consider here is how quickly a copier can be repaired. Many modern copiers allow remote troubleshooting. Thanks to this, technicians can service and fix issues in a shorter timeframe.

Read Online Reviews

Copiers can be quite expensive. Since you want to be 100% sure you’re making the right choice, research different models and analyze their advantages and potential drawbacks. Besides reading a copier’s characteristics, reading online reviews is always a good idea.

These reviews can help you learn more about a specific copier and understand whether it matches your company’s needs.

Consider Ease of Use

A new copier should optimize the work environment and help your employees achieve more in less time. Consider purchasing a copier with an intuitive interface and user-friendly options to help with workplace optimization and productivity.

Let the Pros Help

When purchasing new copiers for your organization, you need to consider many factors. Even if you research meticulously, it’s easy to get carried away and invest in copiers that don’t offer much value. Fortunately, you can avoid such scenarios by contacting professionals who can help you make the best decision and reap the benefits of high-quality copiers. If you’re located in Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul and need new copiers, reach out to DTS.