Sharp Document Systems and Display Products are Not Impacted by Ripple20 Embedded Systems Vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities in a widely used low-level TCP/IP software library developed by Treck, Inc. were recently identified in implementations of the Treck IP stack for embedded systems. These vulnerabilities were discovered by the JSOF research lab, a leading research-oriented software security consultancy.

The vulnerabilities affect hundreds of millions of devices (including industrial, medical, networking and IoT devices) across numerous industries. The risks associated with this situation are high, and organizations have recently been taking actions to mitigate them.

Sharp document systems, printers and display devices are not impacted by the Ripple20 vulnerabilities, as they do not utilize the Treck TCP/IP software library stack. As such, no specific actions, including the installation of security patches or firmware updates, are necessary.

Customers should be informed so that they can understand the potential impact of these vulnerabilities and immediately implement strategies to mitigate the risks to their organizations. It is important for these organizations to understand that Sharp devices are not affected by the Ripple20 vulnerabilities. To learn more about Ripple20 visit

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