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The Best printer for Your small business

While it is true we do a lot digitally these days; there are still times that to truly comprehend what’s in front of us, we need to hold it in our hands. That’s when a quality HP printer comes in handy. This is especially true if you are running a Minneapolis business. Whether we are sending out contracts to prospective clients or customers, printing out invoices or receipts, or sending letters for marketing purposes.

A proper printed record is necessary, and going to an offsite printer for day to day jobs is time-consuming, and can be expensive.

What HP Printer Should You Choose?

HP printers come in a wide range of functionality, as do Minneapolis businesses. Some businesses have different departments that may need their own printers for some tasks. Other times there needs to be a higher functioning printer that works across several areas. Depending on how those departments work, you may need more than one printer that can serve different purposes to be the most cost-effective long term.

In order to make an educated decision, you need to take a strong look at what features you need in your printer or printers. (Do you just need printing, or do you need scanning, copying, or faxing capabilities?) Think of how much printing you see yourself and your employees doing, the type of documents required (paper letters versus cardstock glossy marketing materials) and how much printing you need to do. Lastly, your budget is important too. It is crucial to find a printer that will serve at least the majority of your needs that is still in your price range.

Most HP printers fall into the categories of inkjet or laser printers. Most produce professional-looking documents, but there are significant differences.

Inkjet Printers          

If your printing volume is relatively low, an inkjet printer may be an excellent place to start. The actual printers are reasonably priced, and ink cartridges are easy to replace. They will not be as fast as a laser printer, and the quality of what is printed in slightly less than with a laser printer.

Laser Printers

If you print a lot, you may want an HP printer with laser capabilities for your small business. You can get these printers that will use black and white toner cartridges that do not need to be changed as frequently. They also work faster to help prepare for that meeting or training session.

Graphics are hard to do on a laser printer; for that reason, many businesses will designate an inkjet printer for graphics, and use copier functions on the printer to distribute it to more people.

Whichever HP printer or printers you choose, HP support is available to help you with getting things set up and get all your business printers in the right area and functioning at their best. To learn more about our selection, contact us today.